Who We Serve

We serve adults that exercise on a regular basis but struggle to meet their goals for weight loss or changing their body composition. Active adults include people that bike, run, do yoga, kayak, do exercise classes at the gym, walk, do ballet, play pickleball, do yard work, play soccer, do resistance training, tennis,…all kinds of movement!

If you make exercise a priority in your life, kudos to you because physical activity, along with proper nutrition, are key for longevity and health!

For most people, their body responds to exercise differently as they age. What worked in your 20s might not work 10, 20, or 30 years later. This is our area of expertise! With our program, you learn how to FUEL your BODY like an athlete so you can have a lean, strong healthy body!

It is possible to be healthy, strong & lean as we age!

Maximize Your Workout

Any type of movement is beneficial for your overall health. However, exercise with certain eating habits will keep you from getting the most from your workout. Why waste a great opportunity to feel your best?

Eating a certain way can promote weight loss, muscle growth and fat lose.

Have you seen active people that seem to effortlessly stay healthy, strong and lean, without spending 2 hours a day in the gym? That’s because they eat in a way that capitalizes on their physical activity.

Maximize your workout with proper nutrition and targeted eating strategies!

With our compassionate coaching, focused education, targeted eating strategies and innovative technology, you will have the tools, expertise and mindset to make decisions that help you meet your weight and health goals!

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Body Shaping

At FUEL FOR LIFE, we celebrate ALL body shapes!,…and know that healthy has many looks!

However, if you want to change your body shape, you are in the right place. One benefit of regular exercise is the opportunity to change the shape of your body. What is your goal?…to have a smaller body?, to be more lean? to be more muscular?

Incorporating strategic eating techniques into your daily food routine can promote changes in your body composition. Your body composition, including your bone structure, determines your body shape.

Meet your body shaping goals with a customized daily food routine!

Who This Is Best For

Recreational Athletes – People that MOVE and SWEAT to stay HEALTHY and LEAN!


FUEL for power and endurance to meet your health goal!


FUEL for endurance and explosive energy to meet your health goal!

Tennis Players

FUEL for explosive energy and power to meet your health goal!

Resistance Training

FUEL for muscle recovery and strength to meet your health goal!

Group Class Exercisers

FUEL for fat loss and muscle gain to meet your health goal!


FUEL for strength and endurance to meet your health goal!

Our Services &
Why They Work


    Includes: Calorie Needs Assessment, many topics & activities that help the client develop a personalized meal plan for long term results.


    Includes: Calorie Needs Assessment, many topics & activities that help the client develop a personalized meal plan for long term results.

  • CUSTOM PROGRAM per Client Needs

    The Calorie Needs Assessment can be included in the Custom Program.


    This assessment ACCURATELY determines how many calories are needed each day using a metabolic mask. The mask determines daily calorie needs using a method called Indirect Calorimetry. This method is used with competitive athletes and critically ill patients in medical facilities.

    This assessment is very helpful in meeting weight and health goals because formulas can be incorrect by up to 1,000 calories either way, as they are based on population averages.

    The mask is an ACCURATE, quick and comfortable way to determine calorie needs!


Who Is Jean Henderson?

Jean is a licensed, registered dietitian with a passion for helping adults feel their best, so they can enjoy their lives.  She applies her understanding of how athletes fuel for optimal mental and physical performance to create weight management plans that promote optimal health and body composition.  Jean’s approach is highly personalized with compassionate coaching and focused education.  She empowers her clients so they can make informed choices that support their long-term weight management and health goals. 

Jean’s experience working with bariatric patients inspired her to open her own business.  The position gave her the opportunity to develop a simple, easy to follow approach to weight loss and improved health.  With Jean’s approach to weight loss, some clients lost so much weight that they decided to not have the surgery, while others were taken off medications.  In addition to making impactful changes to client’s food choices, many special relationships were formed as they knew that she was there to serve them. Many clients were able to make difficult decisions and implement changes to move them toward their new life.  They knew that she truly cared, and was there to support them on their health journey.

Jean’s health issues lead her to becoming a weight management and optimal health dietitian.  She hit a point in her life where she had gained weight, was not feeling good and had high cholesterol.  After changing her food choices, her health issues cleared up very quickly, she lost a lot of weight, and felt so much better both mentally and physically.  She discovered the POWER OF FOOD.   Changing her food choices changed her life!  Since that point, her life has been very fulfilling as she keeps taking on new challenges and adventures.

Jean wants her clients to benefit from her many years of finding effective, simple solutions to the many challenges of staying healthy as our bodies change and age.  She offers clients a personalized, evidence based approach that produces long term results. 

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