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Air Force Officer Case Study

Retired U.S. Air Force officer, candidate for bariatric surgery
62 year old Male, 5’ 11”
Program: 3 months

INITIAL Appointment:
Weight = 257 lbs

Nutrition Status:
  • Prefers high fat foods & snacks
  • Eats processed foods
  • Biggest meal of the day – dinner
  • Walks his dog 2 miles a day
  • Rides his bike about 3 times a week
LAST Appointment:
LOST 24 lbs – Current Weight = 233 lbs
  • Decided to not have bariatric surgery
  • Eats mainly whole foods
  • Changed the size and time of his meals
  • Got “clean bill of health” from his doctor – lab results were ALL within “normal range” for his age
  • Became more active: walks his dog more than 2 miles a day
  • Has more energy – he’s looking forward to his volunteer position at a theme park so he can stay active and meet new people