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Nurse Case Study

Nurse, candidate for bariatric surgery
53 year old Female, 5′ 4″
Program: 3 months

INITIAL Appointment:
Weight = 165 lbs

Nutrition Status:
  • Snacks on sweets and treats during nursing shifts
  • Eats large meals at home and at holiday gatherings with her big family
  • Eats high fat foods
  • Has a hard time resisting foods and snacks that she doesn’t want to eat anymore
  • Walking and caring for patients at work
LAST Appointment:
LOST 23 lbs – Current Weight = 142 lbs
  • Eats smaller meals
  • No longer eats sweets and treats at work
  • Eats what is best for her health
  • Visits with family during dinners but only brings smaller portions of healthy foods that she wants to eat
  • Brings home smaller portions of leftovers after big family dinners